Tuesday, July 24, 2012

wishing well

Earlier I read wise words from a woman who wrote an article about how meditation helped her in business.

She said (I paraphrase) : Instead of worrying about other people's perceptions of me, I began to simply wish them well. I genuinely wanted them to be happy. This allowed me to be more open and warm and I began developing better relationships with various people."  I wish I could give her credit, but her article disappeared from google news! Alas...

These words made a lot of sense to me. I am held back by what I believe people think of me. Of course I recognize it is necessary to notice what other people are thinking of you, but, sometimes I am just making more trouble than necessary with all my thinking. I question what they are thinking about me. What if they think I think too much? Haha - why that's simply too much thinking! 

I am going to try to work on wishing people well rather than dwelling on what I think they are thinking of me. Then I'll just do my best to do what feels right. 

<--wishing well...Hahah get it?

It's strange how often I am inspired by written words. 


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