Saturday, November 10, 2018

Compulsive Eating For Moms In San Jose Who Like Halloween Candy

Heard a woman say she wouldn't eat any halloween candy ...

Otherwise she'd be bad.

Her child had leftover halloween candy that was sitting on the counter, but she was resisting.

So I recorded some thoughts about compulsive eating.

Because there are warning signs here that a compulsive eating episode may be coming.

Lets first understand

why binge eating and weight loss is a vicious cycle due to two forces:

Restriction + Anticipation

You can see these two forces at play with the woman with halloween candy..

she wants halloween candy (anticipation) but won't let herself have it (restriction)

If you feel stuck in yo yo dieting ... understanding these two forces are important to getting free

Because restriction makes your inner emotional self rebel, while anticipation provides the outlet in which to rebel.

This is the cycle which keeps people stuck.

The video describes this cycle in more depth and a start of the solution.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

The cause of compulsive eating disorder in children

Compulsive eating may feel like a disorder sometimes.

I was just talking to someone who said the hardest part about weight loss was ...

Being ‘compelled to eat a ton of food by my stomach even though I didn’t want to’

I wanted to write this piece to give this person some insight ...

And to help them realize they aren’t alone.

And that their is a path of healing, a yoga of weight loss.

So in this lil article I dive into:

  • The definition of compulsive eating disorder
  • The root cause of compulsive eating in children and limiting beliefs
  • Seeing food in non-binary terms
  • The ultimate solution is eating anything you want to

The definition of Compulsive Eating Disorder:

So there is some debate in the newest psychotherapy manual about the definition of Compulsive Eating Disorder versus Binge Eating Disorder. Here’s an excellent article you can read here if you want to learn more about it.

However, no matter the definition there are common signs. These signs include:

  • Eating faster than usual
  • Eating past the point of fullness
  • Eating when not physically hungry
  • Eating alone or in secret
  • Feeling upset or guilty after overeating
  • Feeling that you are abnormal

Now the definition of compulsive eating disorder, from my perspective, is merely the severity of these symptoms.

Many people have these symptoms who aren’t even overweight! Yet they report such severity of feeling upset that they might have a disorder.

Other people who do struggle with weight may find they simply have mild effects of compulsive eating and don’t feel they have a disorder.

The point is ...

It doesn’t matter so much about the definition.

It matters how much compulsive eating effects you.

With that being said, let’s dive into the root causes of compulsive eating in children.

Compulsive Eating in Children

Simply put, compulsive eating stems from a belief that you won’t get enough food.

Therefore, you must stuff yourself because you don’t know if you will starve.

This might sound weird ...

Because in Western society there is almost too much food!

But our emotional selves, our inner children, are much different.

In dieting culture, you constantly restrict yourself and tell your inner kid ‘NO’ to certain types of food:

  • Like NO, you can’t have that hotdog at the ballgame because you ate too much beforehand
  • Like NO, you can’t have that halloween candy because it has too much sugary

And every time you say NO to your hunger, your hunger (or your inner kid, I use hunger and inner kid pretty synonymous) thinks that food is unpredictable.

What does your hunger do?

Well, it tries to keep you alive by overeating.

Because your hunger is soooo powerful, it literally compels you to overeat.

So the root cause of compulsive eating is this emotional feeling that food is scarce and unpredictable.

Often times this pattern started in childhood.

And the key to breaking this pattern is what I call Weight Loss Enlightenment.

Weight Loss Enlightenment is a few different things.

  • You pay attention to your hunger so you know if you feel like food is ‘scarce’. When food feels scarce you will automatically eat a ton more than you should. So tuning into your body is a huge part of WLE.
  • WLE is also about limiting beliefs. Because if you don’t trust your hunger enough, then will constantly be restricting your hunger as a part of some diet. When you restrict your hunger, then you’ll inevitable end up sending a signal to your hunger that food is scarce and the cycle will repeat itself. So you need to work the limiting belief that you can’t trust your hunger.

You need to practice the ‘yoga of weight loss’ to regain trust in your hunger.

So gaining trust back in your hunger is how you heal this whole cycle.

And gaining your trust back can be done!

So compulsive eating ...

It's probably better not to think of compulsive eating as a disorder...

But rather simply a lack of trust in your hunger.

For now, just start paying attention to when you feel like food is scarce.

Because the ultimate goal ...

Is to see food in non-binary terms.

compulsive eating disorder

This means you can trust yourself to eat anything...

Because your emotional reaction to food is the same.

Food is no longer good or bad. It's just food.

Huge realization!!!!

Yet the ultimate realization is realizing...

Unconditional eating.

You trust your hunger so much that you allow yourself to eat anything without guilt.

As Dr. Jamie Long says, "Intuitive Eating is based on the premise that our body instinctively knows how to nourish itself and maintain a healthy weight. That becoming more connected to our biological hunger and fullness cues is a far more effective way to attain health, rather than following a strict diet."

Now go subscribe to this email list and get reminders on how to build trust with yourself!

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Friday, November 2, 2018

How to Meal Prep For Weight Loss

I just climbed Mission Peak for the first time over the weekend!


The guy standing next to me is my good ole’ mentor and friend.Paul.


At the top we were huffing and puffing. It was crazy. My expectations were way off.


The hike was almost straight up!


Fortunately Paul brought food.


Can you imagine what would have happened if there was no food?


And I say fortunately because even calm guys like Paul and I ...


We get HANGRY.


No doubt there would’ve been violence had Paul not brought a few Builder Bars.


And here’s what’s important:


Paul has lost 20 lbs and kept off 20 lbs over 2 years.


And he is currently running and an IndieGogo campaign to fund a technologically innovative DIY indoor farm.


Paul met this genius engineer. This genius invented a patented-system to easily grow plants. Now they think they this technology may be the key to feeding the entire planet.


Surprisingly this technology appears to only be a simple bucket...


But inside this bucket is new nano-technology which makes plants grow on just a few water droplets a day!


They’ve raised over 10K so far. You gotta check out their intro video.


And so anyways we were at the top of Mission Peak.


And I wanted to share with you Paul’s wisdom:


Bring food with you so you don’t starve.


It works for Paul.


But what does Paul do specifically to meal prep?


Well, for starters you’d have to ask him.


But I have done some research and have seen people in this situation before.


And the most common thing I see is people knowing they should meal prep ...


But not having the time or motivation to do so.


So there are 2 big problems - time and motivation.


Let’s talk about motivation first.


And yeah, I know you already know all the benefits of meal prepping.


This Healthline article lists 5 main benefits:

  • Can help save money
  • Can ultimately save time
  • Can help with weight control, as you decide the ingredients and portions served
  • Can contribute to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet
  • Can reduce stress as you avoid last minute decisions about what to eat, or rushed preparation

But let’s say you already know the benefits ...

And still aren’t motivated. What then?

Well, the key is to make meal prepping easy and fun.

Do not settle for anything less than easy and fun.

For most people this means ...

#1 Don’t be worried about being perfect

Sometimes people think they need the healthiest meal prep to do it ‘right’

But then main benefit of meal prep is actually not eating out at fast food restaurants and saving money and time.

So don’t worry so much about the nutrition. There’s no need to make it perfect.

#2 Brainstorming and creating a go-to list of foods

This makes it much easier in the hard times when you’re super busy ...

Because you already have a list that you know is easy and fun.

Take for example one guy I was working with.

He had a kid and always was rushed on time.

But once he realized he could eat one of his favorite snacks ...

Peanut butter sandwiches with honey on whole wheat toast - his whole life changed.

First of all, he wasn’t worrying so much about nutrition.

So peanutbutter and all that stuff was fine now.

And now he was saving hours a week NOT eating out, and saving money too. And stress.

#3 Start small.

Don’t worry about getting meals for every single meal of every single day.

Start with the meal you skip the most frequently. For most people it’s either breakfast or lunch.

Start by prepping just 2-3 days of food for breakfast or lunch.

Don’t worry about being perfect. This was a piece of advice from this Harvard article on meal prepping.

#4 Do all your meal prep at once

People always say they don’t have enough time for meal prep ...

But if done right meal prep save hours of time each week!

The key is to do all your meal prep at once.

Go to the store, prepare the meals, and then they are ready to go!

#5 And last tip - measure how much time and stress you waste when you don’t have meal prep ready

This is a big surprise for a lot of people.

They say they don’t have time to meal prep.

But then they realize they are wasting nearly 5-10 hours a week searching out a restaurant to go to, waiting in line, ordering, eating, waiting for the bill, driving there.

And all that stress too.

And all that escapism too.

These things are not going to help you lose weight.

So, if you are resistant to meal prepping, don’t even worry about it.

But do get clear about the cost of NOT meal prepping. The time, stress and energy involved in the alternative to meal prep.

And then you make the decision.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Heal food insecurity in 2 Steps by taking action with hunger

So a distant relative of mine a few years back had a tummy tuck. And everything was great. He lost weight. But now he pm’s me and we’re chatting.


Some of his weight is returning apparently.


I thought I should a quick few thoughts about (and I also wrote a note to myself to research stomach surgery because I know nothing about that):

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Enlightenment - All Calories Are Not Created Equal

This lil piece is about the omnipotent high protein rich food diet ...

But first some context because you may have heard about the Cravings Challenge ...

This intro story is a lil long so just scroll down if you want to know

The best nutrition hack to defeating cravings
Why a calorie is not just a calorie (this insight will blow your mind)
What 25 grams of protein looks like
But let’s start out with cravings because that’s where all I’m sure you know what cravings are right?

Just in case you don’t (there’s gotta be someone out there who doesn’t know what cravings are!) cravings are those ridiculously powerful needs to eat when you’re hungry.

Nom Nom NOM!!!

For a lot of people cravings are the hardest part about losing weight.

I hear this all the time. Like just the other day I was with someone when they said:

“Weight loss would be so easy if only I didn’t get urges to eat!”

Have you ever felt the same when you’ve been ‘good’ and then can’t resist a chocolate brownie?

(and then that chocolate brownie turns into like 10 brownies...)

Anyways. Where was I? Oh ya. Cravings Challenge.

So I email, youtube, and put out some pictures with info on the Cravings Challenge.

I tell you to do 3 simple things:
Before you indulge a craving ...

Take out a notecard or something to write on (and this 1st step btw is by far the hardest)
Think “What did I just experience?” and “What am I feeling now?”
Write your previous experience and what you’re feeling
So get this.

Someone from my email list actually replied to me within a few hours. And what they said blew my mind!

First, I wasn’t expecting that quick of a reply!

To summarize what they said:

“I just had a hunger episode. But I did what you said. I took out my notecard and answered those 2 questions. My answers were ‘traffic’ and ‘tired as fuck’.”

But then this person went on to say ...

“I can see where this is going. I was stuck in traffic which made me feel stressed. I was exhausted because I spent all day at work. So my hunger attack was related to stress and being tired.”

BAM!!! Oh. My God. I can’t tell you how stoked I was for this person.

Holy shizzleee!!!

They figured out the pattern!

They figured out ...

Cravings are related to being tired and exhausted!

And before you say “Well I already knew that”

I ask you to write down your answers before a cravings attack.

Because the process of writing down your answers before a cravings attack...

What it does is breaks your automatic thinking.

And you emotionally see things more clearly.

Because yes, you might know intellectually cravings are related to stress...

But until you shine the light of awareness AS the cravings hit ...

Your intellectual knowledge doesn’t matter for shit.

You have to break the emotional pattern of cravings with the insightful awareness.
So anyways ...

This person then TOTALLY speaks from their heart.

They say to the effect ...

“Hey I know I need to live a different lifestyle. And trust me I am trying. But for right now. How can I reduce cravings? What the hack? I feel like I’ve tried everything? What’s the hack?”

And so this article is about the HACK to the High Protein Diet.

To get specific from a nutritional standpoint.

The value of food is not created equal.

Not all foods are created equal.

A calorie is not just a calorie!!

Ergo. Calories are not created equal.

So what does this mean?

You have to fill yourself up with calories that have VALUE.

You can’t be eating crap that literally doesn’t fill you up.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying you have to eat helllla healthy.


I’m saying the calories you eat must be real.

They have to take up space and have nutrients.

Now this is all theoretical right now.

I want to tie things together for this lady.

I am going to give generic straightforward advice about high protein diet.
Eat 25-30g grams of protein 2-3x a day. At a minimum.

2x a day if you're a girl. 3x a day if you're a guy.

Protein can be made more complex than this, no doubt.

But for people who are just trying to lose weight and keep it off, this is some of the best advice I can give.

Now don’t get hung up too much on the 3x a day or whether the amount of protein you get is 20 grams or 30 grams.

But you need to eat real protein.

Not that fried crap from McDonalds.

Not those burgers that come in sterile plastic bags.

I’m talking home cooked meat. Or nuts. Or avocados. Or eggs. Or tofu.

And to make things even more simple for you...

I found a few great resources that give pictures of what 25 grams of protein looks like.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Enlightenment From Willpower

The biggest problem I see helping people is the delusion of willpower.

Our society has associated willpower with success.

And therefore, the opposite is true.

If you fail at food your willpower must be low.

Like if you fail to eat the right type of foods in the whole 30 then your willpower is low.

If you try the ‘no sugar, no carb’ diet and fail it’s because your willpower is low.

And if your willpower is low then YOU must be a failure.

The problem stems from the incorrect view of willpower.

Our society views willpower like air.

Are you breathing right now? Yes. Of course.

Just like you always have enough air around you ...

People mistakenly think you always have enough willpower around you, too.


If you fail your diet, it’s because YOU ARE LAZY.

A lot of people reading this really deeply believe that their willpower failures are evidence they
personally are lazy. Is this you? Email me or comment.

Because the thing is ... THIS is Wrong!!!

For most people ...

Willpower is much more like my old laptop's battery.

See my old laptop I would take it fully charged to go study at the library. And then I would I
would sit down and turn on my laptop.

I’d get everything set up but then my computer would start dimming automatically.

Confused, I would remember ... My battery only lasted a few hours!!!

And the same thing is true with willpower. It only lasts a few hours and then it’s gone!

So imagine being at the library when your computer dies...

Would you then blame yourself?

Would you call yourself lazy, unmotivated, stupid, etc? No! Of course not.

You’d say ...


I need a charger!

And not having a battery in terms of weight loss is like coming home at night after a 10 hour
stressful work day.

You don’t have energy to think. In fact, you need to binge and watch some TV.

You NEED to. No arguing. You Need to.

Like wouldn’t it be nice If Only Willpower Was The Problem ...

Wouldn’t it be great if willpower was the problem?

Like what if your stressful job, your stressful kids and your stressful husband/wife weren’t to

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well ... all these problems can easily go away according to the diet industry!

The diet industry says ‘Just Use Willpower’ and all your problems will go away! In fact, I do a
whole episode on the Weight Loss Enlightenment Podcast about these ideas!

You’ll be slim, attractive and energized in no time!

All you have to do is use willpower to

Not eat sugar

Have homecooked meals

Not eat things out of plastic, like candy

Gosh wouldn’t that make things simple?

I mean, then you wouldn’t have to worry about making a thousand small decisions each day.

To hydrate yourself in the morning

To have protein before you leave the house

To bring nutritious snacks to work

To meal prep

But in reality ...

It’s daily tiny decisions that count!

Some wise person once said this to this effect:

Thoughts lead to feelings,

Feelings to actions,

Actions to habits,

Habits into lifestyle,

Lifestyle into character.

So the way forward into a healthy life is not through willpower.

Because willpower often times leads to a dead battery!

Because there will always be those times when you fail.

There will always be those times when you come home completely exhausted and your
willpower battery is dead.

What then?

If you're relying on willpower, your toast.

But by doing something else entirely ...

Something that is fun, something that you want to do, something that is easy ...

You can successfully do 1 tiny behavior.

What does this mean?

You change one lil tiny easy behavior at a time.

So it’s progress, not perfection.

ike just take any old random habit. Like water. Say you start drinking water for a week, every

Do this new habit at the same time each day and then make sure you feel good afterwards (even if it’s just a flash of pride).

Instead of beating yourself for not having enough willpower, just be consistent with your new habits.

Please watch the free 35 minute training on my website to learn more powerful truths about the delusions the Diet Industry promotes and how you can sustainably lose weight!

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