Thursday, July 19, 2012

3: running to the elevator

The elevator doors were about to close! I snatch my key off the receptionist desk and sprint down the hallway.

'Let the doors close on him!' - Heather yells

'No that's mean!' - Tristan cries out as she presses the button to hold the doors open.

My sprint carries me into the elevator whereupon I give Heather a playful bop on the head. That's what she gets! Then I give Tristan a playful bop as well, for good measure.

'Hey! What'd I do? I'm on your side! I'm going to start crying now waaaaaaah' - Tristan

And we all burst into one of those giggle fits for the rest of the elevator ride and parted ways at the top.

Just a brief moment.

But sometimes that's all you need.

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