Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2: A nice dinner with friends

"There are few things more pleasant than a nice dinner with friends."

A recipe for a quiet, pleasant and pleasing night goes as follows: 1 part good food, 1 part good friends. Add in a touch of laughter and listening for flavor. Sharing stories is encouraged.

Tonight I went out with Jean, Heather, Laura, and Kat. I don't believe us 5 had ever gone out as a group. I hope we will in the future as I had a delightful time conversing over dinner with them.

I had a pleasant surprise too. I had asked about their fish and chips to see if the fish came with bones, as is customary to Thai cuisine. They replied in the affirmative, so I ordered something else. When my meal came it was fish and chips, without the bones!


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