Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goals, resolutions, and vows - oh my!

The 2013 year is well underway; nevertheless here are my goals! These vows come from my heart and are meant to be actualized - to be applied and practiced. Yes,  I will be challenged by these resolutions. But if you aren't growing, you're stagnating, and I like growing.

Without further ado: 

1. I vow to live each moment fully.
2. I vow to face fear and suffering.
3. I vow to love others.
4. I vow to notice the good.
5. I vow to learn, lead, contribute, and create.

Signed: Jared Levenson 

*vow = I promise to try to....
             I will exert effort attempting to...
             I will do my best to....

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