Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Friends; 4 Amigos

Three Friends; Three Friends have survived the test of time. At this point in life, they are practically like family. They are close companions in this weird and wonderful Life journey. But most importantly, it’s not just me with three really good friends; it’s four friends, all tightly woven together and supportive of each other. That’s what makes this friendship-circle-bond so awesome: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Indeed, when I picture the unique bonds we share, I do not see any individual person. Rather, I see each contributing an equal part to something… Amazing. This quadruple mutual beneficial friendship therefore, is always surprising and I am always learning and growing. All of us have impacted the others in deep ways. It’s not Three Friends; it’s The Four Amigos.

We are a human feedback loop; our dynamic friendship bond is always in flux. We listen and share our wisdom with each other. It’s one thing to share an experience with someone; it’s way different to have them learn from that experience, apply it in their own lives, and change for the better. We do this. We listen to each other. We share what we have learned. We evaluate our each other strengths and try to emulate them. The energy we share is constantly changing and is very alive. It is in this manner one person may influence the others and have them influence him - the energy that each of us gives out comes back in an altered vibration. Through this energy exchange I've learned a most valuable lesson: not only can I make positive and powerful impacts on people, but I can absorb and implement people’s strengths.

I say this because naturally I am a Listener. I don’t just mean listening with my ears, I mean listening with my heart. And with my three friends I’ve always tried to listen to them with my heart and act like myself. What I mean by this is that I have been open to what they do better than me and have actively tried to learn from them and incorporate those aspects into my own life.I can see them responding to these actions in such great ways. Of course, there are other influences in life and I cannot say I have been the direct cause of these changes but still, friends change each other. In their own personal expression, I see them exhibit similar energies that I exhibited. Or maybe it’s that because I am a Listener, I was receptive to their energy, and by taking it into myself, I was able to exude energy in a way in which they could also benefit.

We have, in a sense, bowed to each other’s greatness by saying “You are unique in this area and this area brings you joy. How can you teach me that what you know but I do not?” And it is very emotionally rewarding to see how I have changed and to see how they have changed because of our close circle. Thinking about it more, it’s interesting in that I can’t exactly say what I’ve absorbed from each person, but can sense each person’s impact intuitionally. I will now try to put into Words, the culmination of that which I have learned.

I feel fully prepared for whatever life will bring to me tomorrow, the next day, and the next. And I mean prepared in the best possible way. It’s not just being prepared. It’s knowing – knowing the future is going to be fucking amazing. Before, the Achilles' heel in my Life was the aspect of human connection AND enjoying that connection. Over time, these friends have helped me understand body language, social cues, perceptions, tone, group dynamics, etc. Literally, in cases I have asked them to verbally break down social situations and explain these things down for me. Most importantly though: besides helping me understand the mechanics of social interactions, something I struggled with for a LONG time, these friends enabled me understand in my heart the value of human connection. Life has opened up like a clear blue sky since then, a sky which once was clouded over. Or more like I understand the clouds now and their peculiarities and know how to confidently navigate through them. I am like a vulture soaring over the clouds and it feels great! This serene confidence is the epitome of my learning. It’s like the process of making a diamond: lots of effort, time, and resources go into the inferno and somehow, a gem comes out. I carry this gem with me wherever I go and it protects me. My intentions are good and now I have the ability to actualize my intentions. Even when Life gives me Shit, I know that I can go back home and take a shower. *

I was randomly thinking the other night about God. If God ever manifests in life, it is through the invisible things. This friendship, this bond we have, it truly, truly something… Divine. It’s like God’s grace manifesting or something. Like Music? Are those the sounds Gods make in their attempts to communicate with us Earthly Mortals? I don’t know…just some random tangents.

*Meditation. Do it. Continue with it. This ‘gem’ I refer to has been tremendously affected by my practice of meditation. It has allowed other facets of my being to reveal themselves, over time. These facets have directly facilitated my understanding of love and human connection. Also, while I only write about The Four Amigos in this article, my wonderful and supportive family has been a VITAL part of my development. Family, God, and Daisies – all articles coming up! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I was moved by this post very deeply you and your friends share a very strong bond that many do not have and you should cherish that. Your friends care for you deeply and you for them. Never let that break; it will be easier for you and your friends since you are so tightly knit but no bond is unbreakable.

Jared Levenson said...

Your right, we do have a really strong bond that is pretty unique. We're hoping that since we have maintained friendships since the beginning and now end of college, we will continue to do so in the future. But alas, I sense the wisdom of your words...