Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Part of Good is continually fighting evil. In order for Good there must be conflict with Evil and vice-versa. Good, only in its Purest form, never transcends Evil but embraces the Struggle.



Skyler said...

I don't think they continuously fighting eachother, because you can have goodness without evil. The random helping of a stranger is not prompted by evil but by circumstance. Its only that when evil is present, the option to do good is much more noticeable.

Jared Levenson said...

Hmmmm, I realize I should have said suffering, instead of evil. That not only is true good continually battling suffering, but without suffering there could be no true good. Like if there was absolutely no misery in the world, how could something be called good? I'm totally going for the Yin-Yang idea, that in order for good to be there must also be evil (or suffering). Like good is only noticeable because there is evil, and vice versa. Also, I feel true goodness requires getting your hands dirty, it requires embracing evil (or suffering) and working with Evil so as to become good. Nice comment man, really got me thinking!