Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spiel that is random? Yes, perhaps, why not?

Are things that are hard to learn necessarily more worthwhile than things that are easy to learn?

This question kind of stumped me. I've been pondering it for awhile. Sure, learning something hard speaks to your dedication, intellect, talent, capabilities etc, but does that make it more worthwhile than something easy? Say holding a conversation with someone. That's pretty easy, and very important. But then again, is holding a conversation with someone easy? I had to learn how, and while I don't remember how I learned, I can assume it was difficult. You have to learn to read their facial expressions, respond to their questions, infer what they mean, listen, make eye contact, etc. These are skills not everyone has!! Maybe the easy worthwhile skills were hard once and so therefore hard skills are always more worthwhile.

But screw this philosophy bullshit. This is my problem with philosophy. You just go round and round in circles arguing over definitions and differences in values. Does it really matter whether or not hard things to learn are better than easy things to learn? No, it doesn't. If easy things were better to learn would you stop learning hard things or vice-versa? No, you wouldn't. You pretty much would live your life in exactly the same way.

My approach is let go of all the philosophy debates. Let go of free choice vs. determinism. Let go of soul vs. non-self. Let to of ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Stop all the crap. Cut it out. Live through your heart. Things are never absolute. Everything needs to be taken in context. There is a right thing to do within a certain context, in a different context, the right thing chances. Same with philosophy. Right ideas are right sometimes but they are wrong other times. It depends who you are talking to.

My philosophy is live through the heart. Be yourself. Express yourself fully. And its hard to be yourself, I know that, but as long as you keep trying to figure out, as long as you keep persisting, you get a better sense of who you are, and that what I mean living through the heart. You start knowing intuitively who you are and then you can start following you heart-intuition. And then you just start doing things that are right because they are right for you and right for the people around you. There isn't any philosophical processing going on, its just you being you, now. Fully you, fully present, fully alive. Nah na na na, na na na na na, hey hey hey, goooood byeeee


Anonymous said...

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Jared Levenson said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the feedback!!!!! I really do appreciate your kind words and I'm glad you got something out of my random spiel. Rock on!