Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goals: 2012-2013

Goals 2012-2013

1.      Mindfulness – collectedness, settled, presence
2.      Humility – letting go of achievements and failures, opening to flow
3.      Compassion – universal kindness, acceptance, contemplations
4.      Energy – vigor, ardor, joyous effort, skillful effort
5.      Gladness – humor, vitality, absurdity
6.      Restraint – guard the senses
7.      Letting go – let go

Mental: confidence, compassion, clarity, grounded, focused

Physical: morning workouts, climbing club, quieter music, healthy eating with some fat, yoga/meditation break midday

Social: improv club, salsa club, choir club, interacting through the heart/stomach, staying grounded, pursuing friendships that are likely to pay off, not worrying or trying to impress others, seek the friendship of others who I can learn from and look up to, try to see social experiences as ways to learn, don’t set expectations high – try to get to know people, simply support them, I am confident, handsome, socially adept – all I need to do is take a little time to collect myself and generate positive energy then go out and deliver.

Community: hospice, peter, zen and meditation, branch social network

Financial: save money, create funds, spend wisely

·         Meditation and mindfulness
·         Death contemplation
·         Universal kindness practice
·         Tonglen, other contemplations practice

Long-term tangible goals: development in writing, blog, brain-psychology articles, story with Eric, graduate school research

Long-term intangible goals: purity in heart, continuous mindfulness, giving loving-kindness and receiving loving-kindness, skillful effort, staying settled, perseverance, unswerving, humor and extroverted

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