Sunday, June 10, 2012

I had a very interesting ride home today…

For some reason one of those amazing conversations sparked. You know, where ideas are bounced back and forth, mutual excitement abounds, voices are raised animatedly and creative energies swirl. Man, I gotta have more of these conversations!

The topic of this conversation was a TV show. Eric, my friend, is a media conceptual artist. He makes images come to life. We were talking about TV because TV is such a powerful visual medium. If you can create something visually and share it with others via television, that is amazing. A person may do wonderful things with television. Eric mentioned creating a TV show using his media artwork skills. He can design characters, settings, scenes and bring them to life via animation. And he offered me a business venture: delve into the television business.
I declined. TV? I’m not interested in making money and I hardly watch TV anyways. Besides, my ultimate goal is to get meditation and mindfulness taught in schools, or at least get society talking about meditation and mindfulness and awareness, how does this TV venture a means to those ends?
And boom. What if the TV show embodied these messages? What if the protagonist meditated? What if we could relate the show to the affairs of today and create a message to everyone?

I won’t list all the details but suffice it to say we hashed out a good start to our TV series. I am going to start writing. And yes, this isn’t that serious. We aren’t putting any money forth for any investments or hiring people. This is just some stuff we are having fun with.

I’m going to start writing episode one tomorrow!!!

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