Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I feel like saying something wise and profound.

But I got nothing. So I’m just going to write.

Writing, I am coming to realize, is awesome. When I write, time flies by. It just zooms by, as fast as a bee in its search for the last drop of spring nectar.

Back in highschool I was told I was good at writing. And I liked it a little. A little more than anything else. Looking back it would have been a smart move to pursue that path, a path of writing. It was something I knew I liked.
The joy of writing is the joy of creation. 

Instead, I chose Econ on a whim. (The school to where I was applying required students to choose their major before freshman year. It lowers the average graduation to 4 ½ years and the cost of student frustration at being locked into a major they don’t want to do.) I am very fortunate to have stumbled upon Psychology. Like writing, I genuinely like psychology. In the future I would like to investigate the meditation/mindfulness practice and link it to tangible effects. My main goal is to get meditation and mindfulness taught in schools.

Ok, so anyways, I like writing. Tomorrow I will post a short episode plot outline that my friend and I are working on.

Hope you are doing well.  

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