Thursday, May 24, 2012

sometimes you get tired of meditation

Sometimes you get tired of meditation. And right now, I’m tired of it. I resolutely sit in the mornings no matter what my mood and I try to sit at nights before bed, but this night, I am not going to. I’d say if you have already sat once, and you don’t feel like sitting again, it’s perfectly fine not to. You don’t want to wear burn yourself out. Meditation is a lot like eating healthy. If you want to benefit from eating healthy you don’t just eat healthy for a day, or a week, or a year. You eat healthy for your whole life. But it’s Ok to not always eat healthy. I for one like donut holes J

But meditation practice doesn’t end once you get up from the cushion. Meditation practice is awareness. So right now, I’m practicing being aware of being sick of meditation. I am going to pay attention to this feeling. I am going to learn from it. I am going to notice how it feels in my body, how it manifests in my breath. I am going to watch it. I know it will pass away on its own accord.
A huge part of meditation practice is consistency and sitting each day. There are days when meditation practice is boring, when it is a chore. But this is part of the practice. It is grist for the mill. If you can sit through whatever obstacles your meditation practice brings up, you will learn much about yourself.

I wish you the best in your practice. 

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