Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mindfulness, diet, and exercise

Let’s start teaching mindfulness/meditation, diet, and exercise as antidotes to stress, bad health, and depression. We can start applying these techniques and healthy lifestyles in schools, at work, at home -everywhere. Not only is mindfulness/meditation, diet, and exercise cheap and effective but nobody thinks mindfulness/meditation is against their religion. It’s a thing both left and right parties can embrace. The government can easily get behind this movement and start promoting mindfulness/meditation, exercise, and diet. The slogan could be like MEDicine, with the MED representing mindfulness/meditation, exercise, and diet. The MED movement is beginning. I can feel it in my bones. I can tell I am going to spend my life spreading the word of mindfulness and meditation.  

There is never going to be a magical drug that will cure stress, bad health, and depression. Stress, bad health, and depression are results of lifestyles that accumulate over time. The only real way to cure these is to live healthily. If we start teaching MED now to our children, friends, employees, acquaintances, the benefits will be real and significant. 

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