Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flow moments

Flow is everywhere. In prayer, when hearts reach out and connect with something greater. In sports, when the player and the game are not separate. In friendships, when there is trust and intimacy. In hiking, when there is only the trail. In learning, when one learns to simply learn. In writing, when words pour out and sound right. In meditation, when there is at once stillness and movement. In cleaning, when one cleans rhythmically. In communication, when there is understanding.

Flow is rapture. It is the result of practice and dedication and yet it is also a gift from beyond.
Flow moments happen spontaneously - all of a sudden, one is in the spotlight. The feeling is delicious and terrifying. If you let it go, there is something lost, the atmosphere deflates.
But if you’re ready and aware, go for it, the moment might not show itself for awhile.
And yes. You will fail. You’ll have to pick yourself up. But flow moments are everywhere. There will be an another opportunity. Learn from your failures.

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