Saturday, May 12, 2012

The house of cards has gotta fall

My friend Nathan pointed out something to me which I had entirely looked over, human life post collapse. First off, it seems inevitable our human population will collapse. There are many warning signs signaling that something is wrong, something is off. The question, in my eyes, is when? When are humans going to be like, “Fuck!” The thing I had overlooked is that the collapse will most likely not be the end mankind. Most likely we will live through the crash and humanity’s song will continue. Sure, life might be wiped out in the event a nuclear winter or if a meter struck, but why worry about improbabilities?

Yes, my predictions about the future are bleak, but they just got a lot brighter! I had only thought before about the impending crash. Now I’m thinking that maybe humans, like anything else, are subject to cycles and this crash is going to be one blip in the cycle. I guess at some point humans will have to make it off Earth in order to survive. But the universe will collapse anyways in a few hundred bazillion years anyways, so we are screwed anyways. (It must be clear however that inevitability does not imply inaction. We still must do everything we can and bear the responsibilities for our actions.)

To some the above thoughts may be gloomy but to me they are based on the best available data. And as John says, “the truth will set you free.” (8:32)

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