Monday, May 14, 2012

A beneficial practice before bedtime

It always takes me around half hour to fall asleep. When I was a kid I used to spend this time imagining things. I would imagine fighting aliens or pretend I was a Master Chief from Halo. Nowadays I try to spend this time in contemplation. Contemplation varies from death to appreciation, from lessons to mistakes; it can be whatever you want to think about. I used to think about death before bedtime in a cheerful way – it’s a great reminder to live this life fully and to not waste this life. Sound familiar? It’s related to the URL of this blog…I eventually got bored of thinking about death and then used to spend my time thinking about what I was grateful for. I started to notice that there are so so so many good things happening to me. I started to wake up in a more cheery mood, what good things will occur today? Another great way to spend this contemplation time is to reflect about the mistakes we made today. We all make em’ but not all of us learn from our mistakes. Reflecting upon our mistakes is the best way to avoid them in the future! Ok, so contemplation before bedtime sounds awesome, but you don’t have the time, what then? Answer: I don’t know. Sometimes you just won’t have the time. But I guarantee you, you have extra time. If you have an attitude which presupposes that you have no time, of course you have no time! But if your attitude is that you might have a little time, then you have a little time! Very simple. Man oh Man – attitude is important. I should write more about that. 

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