Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why I want to do Hospice?

I couldn’t answer that question the other day. Just didn’t quite have the words. But recently, I realized Hospice appeals because I feel I’ve been lucky and am in a position to help. What do I mean by lucky? I mean I’ve grown up in a safe community, had three square meals a day, and been nurtured by a wonderful family. I go to college and consider myself to be pretty happy these days. Yet, I recognize that that happiness is in large part due to the circumstances I was born in to. I’ve been given positive feedback, encouragement, and bountiful resources. But not everyone else has. Not everyone else has had what I’ve had. Actually, most people haven’t. And so my train of thought goes something like this: Wow, I am lucky, a big chunk of my happiness I didn’t even have to work for, not many are as fortunate as I, it’s actually quite unfair, I should give back somehow, I could volunteer at the Hospice. 

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